Imagine that gaming

Strengthen digital skills and well-being of employees at home and in the office.

Also, in the classroom, teachers get valuable time returned to achieve more learning goals.

Why Gaming at Work?

By tapping into the passion for gaming and involving each other, you will bring out relevant hidden skills in the office and classroom.

Discover the benefits of Game Derived Skillsand Game-Based Learning for companies and schools, without software development costs.

Gaming increases digital skills

There are 3 billion gamers worldwide. More than 50% of them are at least 25 years old and a third are older than 45 years. In addition, 78% of employees believe that investing in job satisfaction is important for productivity

Schools also need innovative ways to stimulate intrinsic motivation and learning ability. 95% of the younger generations grow up with gaming. This is where Game-Based Learning can play a major role.

Een afbeelding van een laptop en een controller in het gras

The Next Step

Afbeelding van een kantoor

Gaming is a pioneering market, where digital skills, imagination and performance under pressure are central. Visual properties, social interaction are also important parts.

It’s a motivating and immersive way to enhance productivity and learning.

Let Gaming@Work assist your organization to integrate gaming. There is no other company that can connect gaming to your HR strategy in this way.

Research shows

Skill Development

Recreational gaming improves spatial resolution in visual processing and mental rotation. Both can help with computer skills or study. Various other digital skills are also addressed.


Participating in video games with high social interaction, can lead to higher participation in such activities outside of the game. As a result, negative symptoms decrease.

What do we offer?

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Nearly every service is available in your office environment directly. Any combination of services is also available.

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Game Ready Check™

Are you looking for input for a modern HR strategy to stimulate well-being and productivity?

Gaming@Work presents the GRC™. A unique method to connect gamers and non-gamers in your organization. The result is stronger teams and the discovery of hidden skills among employees.

Experience it for yourself and request a demo.

Our Team

Game Derived Skills™ and Game-Based Learning contain all the elements to be healthy and productive in daily life. Our dedicated professionals are therefore ready to assist you. With a mission to provide global insights into health benefits and digital skills, we work with you to build 21st century skills development.

Have you seen our Gaming Workshops or Game Ready Check™ solution yet? 

Founders Gaming at Work Steven Dekker and Chris Slotboom in Amersfoort

Steven Dekker


Finding ways to use ‘ordinary’ technology in extraordinary ways. Improving life, that’s how I am driven to solve practical challenges and make the world more accessible.

As an occupational therapist with a technological orientation, I look beyond the standard solutions. The goal is to leave the world better than how I found it.

All my life I’ve been a Casual Gamer and my interests range from Halo to Super Smash Bros. Brawl. My favorite genre is fantasy RPG. In addition to being a gamer, I am also very sporty. Every week you can find me on the dance floor to pop &lock or breakdance for hours.

For Gaming at Work®, I structure our working method with literature, explained in a comprehensible way for everyone. I therefore stand for sincerity and care.

Chris about Steven: “A challenger, empathetic, analytical and observant.”

Chris Slotboom


My oldest gaming memory is of me and my brother covering the NES console off button so our parents wouldn’t reset the level progress.

I consider myself an All-round Gamer. A lover of esports, co-op, action-adventure, strategy, space travel and Indie genres. Through gaming I reach new levels of myself and always remain curious.

The combination of my experience in ICT sales and International Hospitality Management has led to the development of my greatest passions: providing great experiences and taking gaming seriously.

For Gaming at Work®, I use my broad interest in technology and my involvement in the esports/gaming community to understand the connections between employee needs and business processes. Let’s soon have a cup of coffee!

Steven about Chris: “The networker with a limitless vision.”


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